Self-Reflective Comments

I’m not big on revising essays and often find the revision process to be the hardest part of writing. However, I have found that self-reflective comments are a very effective method. I’m so glad I learned about this revision tactic during the intro to the minor in writing course. I recently wrote a paper about dance for my personal essay course and was unsure how to go about reworking the essay and then I remembered how helpful self-reflective comments are.

I reread my essay as if I was a reader and not the writer in order to see it from an outsider’s perspective. I went through my paper and marked every place where I had a question–everything from punctuation to grammar usage to content. I think this will allow me to make more effective revisions the next time I tackle my essay. It’s as if I had another person look over my paper and give me feedback. Using self-reflective comments has been extremely helpful for me as a writer. What do you think about self-reflective comments?

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