So…I’m a Senior

Well, this is it: senior year.  In seven (!) short months, I’ll be finished with this “school” thing that has plagued me since I was a little tot who couldn’t tie his own shoes.  My entire schooling career, I’ve been focused on the end—the end of homework, the end of exams, the end of papers.  And yet here I am, almost at the end, and I just wish I had one more year.

Maybe it’s the great time I’ve had at Michigan—the friends I’ve made and the memories I’ve created are second to none.  Or maybe it’s this University—it just feels like home.  Maybe it’s the Big House or Crisler or Yost that I’ll miss.  Maybe it’s all those fun and exciting classes I’ve ta—okay, maybe not that.  Whatever it is, I know this: I’ve changed.  I don’t want to be done.  I want to stay in this fantasy world where all my friends live within a mile of my house, I work only 30 hours a week, and I can stay at home and sleep whenever I want.  The real world of jobs and responsibilities and taxes and wives and children and suits and ties (although I do kind of like ties) and mortgages and teenagers and stress and monotony is a scary world.  I don’t want to do all that.

Can’t I just skip to retirement?

One thought to “So…I’m a Senior”

  1. I am definitely with you on this. Even though I am just a sophomore, I can see how college flies by. I remember my senior year of high school like it was just a few months ago, when in reality it was almost two years. Michigan thus far has been where I have had my best experiences, met the most interesting people, and been the most motivated to challenge myself. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I feel like in the Michigan bubble that is acceptable, regardless of what the real outside world thinks. I think it is exciting that come next year you will begin a whole new chapter in your life, but I completely understand your wanting to another year!

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