Switching Gears

I said this after I first read “Why I Blog” and it is worth saying again: before I read Sullivan’s piece, I was wholeheartedly against blogging. But after reading it for a second time, my thoughts that there is certainly a valuable place for blogging have been reinforced. It has not replaced other long-form genres of writing that require more research, revision and rethinking. Those still have great value to readers, but blogging has many benefits as well. Over the past few weeks of blogging, I’ve begun to write freely without the academic lens that would force me to write a sentence over and over three or four times. By blogging, I have created a more raw and direct form of my thoughts. I have also benefited from having my classmates comment on my work–getting instant feedback has really helped me develop my writing and thought process.

Within the last hour, I decided that I will be re-purposing an article for the Michigan Daily that I just finished writing which should run tomorrow. The article is about a lecture that renowned Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig delivered today at the Ford School. The talk was titled “How money corrupts Congress” and was incredibly interesting and informative. I plan on applying to the Ford School and my focus area will center around campaign finance and corporate lobbying reform; since this is already such an interest of mine, it makes sense to use it for re-purposing, and subsequently re-mediating.

Blogging certainly differs from writing a news article. A news article is a factual account of a trend, occurrence, event, etc. that tries to cover all sides of an issue. A blog certainly does not try and diminish its biases and is much more opinionated. My news article was an account of Lessig’s lecture; in the article, I did not express my own opinion. However, I agree with much of what he said, so I will re-purpose my piece to a genre in which expressing my opinion would be appropriate–an academic argument, op-ed piece, blog, etc. Because of my personal interest in the topic of my re-purposing, I am incredibly excited to embark on this project. It was a last-minute decision to change the piece for re-purposing, but I’m happy I did it.

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