Technologically Challanged – A Venting Session?

WordPress is awesome. However, I must admit that I found myself already frustrated yesterday when trying to maneuver around the website. What is a widget? Why can’t I just drag a picture to where I want it? Why is this font SO big? As with the majority of technology, if you know how to use it -WOAH- the possibilities are endless. However, if not, you almost feel like you are at an unlocked gate enclosing a million dollars but for some reason now matter how hard you push the gate is jammed shut. Okay, that is kind of a very dramatic comparison. Yet it is also kind of true! I am extremely looking forward to the tech-savvy students giving presentations on how to use some of the websites’ features. Perhaps students who have already completed an E-portfolio would be interested in giving a presentation? The more help the better!

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