The Future Is Not Far Away

After a brief hiatus from the Minor in Writing blog, I am finally back! I forgot how difficult it was to force yourself to sit down and take ten minutes to write a brief post. This should be the easiest thing I do all semester, yet it is always the one that I push to the side. But, don’t worry Minor…I have not forgotten about you! It has been great to see that the Minor is improving and expanding in the way that it has in just over a year and a half. Beginning in the first cohort of the minor, it seems that the first course, now Writing 220, has taken a shape and personality of its own. It is great to see the diversity of students who have chosen this minor and the sense of community that the faculty has encompassed within the department.

In the month of October, as I try to focus on the present, I keep ending up focusing on the future. This is likely because I am a senior and it is finally starting to be a little bit scary that I will be graduating in May. I’m sure many of you who are pursuing a creative or non-traditional career path with sympathize with my stress over this time of the year. Our friends in the Ross Business School or engineering or even just our friends seeking to pursue a finance or analyst career are going through the recruiting process. Our friends who are applying to law school, medical school and dental school are completing their applications and sitting back to wait for responses.

But, for people like me, an individual seeking a career in the entertainment industry, now is not the time to start your career search. It is hard to just sit back and watch others stress over interviews and applications when there is really no work to be done. Sometimes I find myself doing needless job searches only to realize that these positions are immediately hiring. And that is the case with most nontraditional careers. They want you to be able to start within weeks, sometimes even days, of receiving your application. It is an interesting realization, but one that also removes some stress from my life. It is not that I’m doing nothing, it is that there is nothing to be done yet.

SIDENOTE: For all of you who are still Saturday Night Live fans (I may be the number one), this will really make you laugh. I initially thought that this was just a random opportunity to make fun for Brad Pitt, but then I saw the real commercial on TV. In case you haven’t heard, Brad Pitt is the new spokesman for Chanel #5 Perfume, a very questionable decision.

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