The Great Debate…

I found a great blog analysis that was posted on CNN last Thursday afternoon regarding the first presidential debate.  It’s very spot on with its interpretation and claims about some of the things that occurred during that pivotal hour and a half debate.  Here are the highlights I want to share with you guys:

Author, Rebecca Sinderbrand, claims that, “heading into the debate, everyone thought President Obama would come out on top.” This seemed quite true—even many Republicans and close supporters of Romney felt that this would be an incredible challenge for the Republican candidate.  But, New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, a very knowledgeable, well spoken, and well-respected politician, had his chips on Romney.

“No doubt Romney claimed it in Denver.”  Yes, he certainly did—in a number of ways that weren’t necessarily brilliant, but also because President Obama failed to live up to the American people’s expectations throughout the debate.

In terms of overall persona, the article expresses how Romney was prepared as his body language and witty remarks said it all.  President Obama, on the other hand, provided long-winded answers and seemed unsure of himself when answering most questions.  Sinderbrand even says how Romney’s performance exhibited “muscle memory” since the Presidential candidate practiced long and hard before the big show.  This description is right on point as we saw how Romney used sharp tactics and showed great comfort and confidence throughout the night while Obama seemed overwhelmed by what Romney brought to the table on Wednesday night.

Sinderbrand also points out how the debate was merely focused on a few important aspects, but voters weren’t able to hear a lot about the campaign overall.   This is true.  Why was there NO mention of birth control or women’s rights?

To sum it up, the article illustrates how an imbalance of performances was evidenced in the polls immediately proceeding the debate.  Romney has regained his position and proved to be a better leader and better on the economy in terms of the showdown.  Sinderbrand closes with her views about how Romney has regained momentum and re-energized his base.

Do you agree that this article accurately portrays all the commotion surrounding the debate?










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