The Perks of Being Sick

I’ve been sick for days. What started off as a tension headache turned into the full blown flu. I suppose it was bound to happen, with the amount of pressure I’ve been under but it’s still no fun regardless. And apparently I’m good at spreading it! My best friend and boyfriend have the flu now, too.

(Note to all: don’t sit too close to me………)

The past week has been a train wreck.. Between two exams, two papers, two ten hour shifts at my job, the football game, the mess of my sorority’s social calendar (I’m the social chair.. so this is my job!), the pressure of friends and family visiting, and the damn flu that I can’t seem to purge from my body, I have officially lost it.

Now you’ll note that the name of this blog is called “The Perks of Being Sick”, when all I’ve done so far is whine to you about it. Here’s where the perk part comes in.

When I am sick, I take a quick chug (oxymoron? hahahah) of nyquil before bed. After the subsequent gagging from the distgusting flavor (it tastes like black licorice to me… BLEH!!!), I pass the hell out for an interesting night of sleep. I say interesting because when I am sick and take nyquil, I swear I have the trippiest dreams. Maybe that happens to other people too, but I feel like my mind gets so creative in the subconscious thinking that I do in my sleep.

I have found that after being sick, I actually do some of my best work? Maybe it’s because I get so happy to be feeling better that I just have tons of energy? I can’t really find a logical reason, but I honestly think part of it has to do with the all of the crazy dreams that I have! I really could write five terrific short stories based on the dreams I had this weekend. Maybe I should?

Experience says that now that I am on the way to feeling better (I ate a bagel this morning……. and didn’t throw it up! YAY ME) I am gonna do some great work this week. That means taking all of the ideas that I have developed for this repurposing project and actually putting them together in a way that I am not embarrassed to show others. And this creative energy may also help me think of a bomb re-mediation project proposal! And hopefully it means that I will ace the test that I have tomorrow morning in my psych class. Fingers crossed!

I’m still in this haze of sickness so hopefully you were able to follow my train of thought. Here comes the creative flow!

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