Tis the Season…

As midterm season is coming to a close,  I am spending the night preparing for my last midterm in Linguistics 440. Reading the prompt for this week’s blog post while studying for my final midterm exam, only one thing related to writing crossed my mind. That, of course, was study guides. Ever since I started studying, I have been obsessed with making organized, detailed, and perfect study guides. I am that girl who mistakenly sent her AP Government study guide to too many “friends” and saw it in the hands of complete strangers on the day of the test. Obviously, times have changed since high school, but my love for creating study guides will never end (until i’m done with school and have no more tests to study for…)

Things I love about study guides: They keep all the information you need together in one place. They do not need to be complete words, sentences, or paragraphs, but they somehow illustrate your complete ideas. They are only completely understood by you, which helps you to retain the information. Last but not least, they are completely organized in your own way.

Weirdly enough, my love for study guides directly correlates to my love of writing. Study guides help me learn all the information through writing! And with that, I’m off to re-read my study guide until I fall asleep reciting the stages of language acquisition.


One thought to “Tis the Season…”

  1. I am totally on the same page when it comes to study guides. I am just like you in that I cannot learn or remember anything unless I write it down. When I am studying for an exam, the only way that I can learn the material is if I write it all down. And of course, I am also anal about making my study guides look perfect, neat, and organized. When I am stressed about studying, I find it almost cathartic to start making my study guide and writing down all of my notes into one coherent document to look at. It’s funny how writing (even when it is boring study guide writing) can serve as a form of escapism and stress relief for us…

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