We be bloggin

I have a newfound appreciation for blogging. At fist I was questioning the importance of blogging, especially when I found out we were required to blog weekly for this class. But blogging has improved my skills both as a reader and a writer already!

I enjoy blogging about our class readings because it helps with my comprehension. It forces me to analyze the piece and do more than “just get through it.” I find that blogging is especially good for this because when I talk about a completed reading, I can get away with ambiguous statements. I also find myself talking in circles of repetition. If I were to write about the readings I would be focused on the grammar a sentence structure of the writing, rather than responding to the reading itself. Blogging is a casual form of writing where I can just focus on my thoughts about the reading. But, because it is a form of writing, I still must make points and support them with evidence. Blogging has helped me form opinions about the readings we have done in class so far.

Blogging has alos improved my writing. Once again, it is a place where I can organize my thoughts. Writing about certain assignments has helped my development of ideas. It has been a great way to prepare. It is like a free write where I can write about what I will be writing about in the future (if that makes any sense). I have found blogging to be a great way to express my ideas. And even get feed back on them!

I have enjoyed blogging very much in this calls and once the blogging parties start, I know I will enjoy it even more 🙂


4 thoughts to “We be bloggin”

  1. I concur with your statements about how blogging is a low stakes way to pre write. It’s valuable to have a supporting cast, this class, provide feedback and criticism. Now that we are about half way through the semester and more comfortable with each other I hope the commentary will be more in-depth and critical. I value honest criticism as it helps me improve my writing ability.

  2. Yep, I completely agree with your sentiments about blogging. I like it much more and I like the freedom it gives to just put all of your ideas out there. It has also helped me to think about class readings more deeply and to explore ideas I have for paper topics, which is exactly what you talk about.

    Crazy, but I’ve learned a lot more about you and how you think and how you write just by reading your blog posts. Since it is more of a “free write”, I think it allows me to see your thought process more clearly, which is great because I like seeing how ideas form in Angelle’s brain! 🙂 I hope that we can continue to discuss ideas through blogging (and of course through our many in person conversations), because I have definitely improved my writing with the help of your comments on my blog posts and I can only hope that my comments have done the same for you.

  3. I was hesitant to blog at first as well. I have never blogged before and am used to far more formal writing. I am comfortable when told to write a narrative or an expository or even a pursuasive paper because I know the exact structure of the paper and the tone that I should take and I know the goal of the assignment as a whole. Blogging on the other hand does not have a structure. The tone is completely up to the writer and each blog post has a different voice. After some practice, I have found that I actually like blogging more than writing papers for a class because it allows a great deal of freedom. They are also much more interesting to read because every one is unique. Overall, I think that learning to blog has helped me improve as a writer and opened my eyes to a new form of expression.

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