What to do with my Eportfolio…

So I’m struggling between making my Eportfolio a professional one or on the more creative side. I literally was thinking about making to different portfolios, one to have fun with, and one for law school/career purposes…but in class we came up with a couple of other options! I think it would be really cool to have a general Eportfolio that’s fun but elegant, and then have pages to separate  the creative side (with some fun pieces I’ve written and some more media) and the more professional side to show how my writing has developed through college and what I’m capable of now.

When I was looking at the Eportfolio prompt, one of the questions that stuck out to me was: What media do you want to include in your portfolio, and why? At first, I wasn’t really sure how much media I’d want to incorporate into my portfolio. However, I thought of  this idea where I could have a little video explaining each page…for example, a little video of me explaining why I chose this particular piece to re-purpose and re-mediate and what it means to me. That way, if there are other pages that don’t necessarily have anything to do with our class assignments, I can talk about why I chose to add those, and what I hope people get from it/what I want them to keep in mind. Even if I don’t end up doing this in the video format, I feel like I’d still like to write a little blurb/paragraph talking about what’s on the portfolio. What do you guys think?

I also think it would be really great to have a little life story page for my audience to get to know me and my experiences… This would make it easier to see my personality through my writing, and sometimes even help the readers imagine communicating with me as they read.

I guess I’m not really sure what I want to do with this Eportfolio because there are so many options…but I am really excited to play around with WordPress and see what I can do! 🙂

I’m also planning on travelling this summer and I might want to have a blog related to that, so maybe that could be part of this Eportfolio? Oh and I also wanted my Eportfolio to represent part of my personality, so I’m thinking of having a little theme for each page related to a country that I’ve visited, or really want to!

ahhh I have so many thoughts—-too many options isn’t good for an indecisive person.

…ps. I also really like horoscopes so I’m wondering if there’s a widget that tells you your horoscope for the day! haha. If not, I might post a link or something…

2 thoughts to “What to do with my Eportfolio…”

  1. Hahah I feel the same way about having too many options! I like the idea of making it professional with a hint of creativity…by building an elegant and easy to navigate site featuring all types of your writing, a potential employer and a friend should both be able to appreciate your work! Appeal to a broad audience and showcase who you are in a way that shows you off to employers or law school application readers (without being too showy) and that you can be proud to share with friends. I also love the idea of the short video intros–that is a great way to add some personality to the site!! I think figuring out a guiding “theme” will help you narrow down all the potential ideas you have, or at least help you streamline them so that they all make sense (even the horoscope thing, if you think that helps you tell your story, go for it!)

    see you in class 🙂

  2. I agree with both you and Amy about the options! It’s almost overwhelming and frankly, a little scary. I think you can certainly make your e-portfolio both professional and creative in the ways you describe. The intros would especially be interesting! A lot of people prefer to watch things instead of read things, so it’ll be a great starting point to ring in your audience. Lastly, I think you should certainly include a portion about your travels in here. Employers love to see that you have had various experiences and it’s always been my philosophy that the more you travel and the further you go, the more down to earth you become.

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