What topics or areas of interest do you have? (help me prepare for my tech presentation by listing an interest or two)

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow/today (one of those nights again), I’ll be presenting on Reddit, and I thought it would be pretty cool if I could tailor the presentation to some of the interests of the class. This would make some of the examples a little more applicable and interesting for those of you there, so I’m turning to you. Also, I am very aware that this is incredibly last minute, so DO NO FEEL BAD IF YOU DON’T READ THE BLOG AT 5AM.

I just thought that a few of you might check it randomly this morning or before class. If you do, just comment in like one or two words with a topic of interest (like fitness or cars), and I’ll do the rest. If not, I’m just going to shoot for the average classmate’s interests, and lord knows I am most likely going to be off.

See you in a few hours,


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