Who Will Be Your Audience? (besides the one that you have to have)

I decided to tackle the e-portfolio asking what is my idea audience? This is tough. On one hand, I already know who my first audience will be, that of my peers and instructors in the minor in writing. And this makes it a little difficult. A lot of writers enjoy the scope of publishing and the internet because of the way we attract niche audiences. Because there is such a large volume of written work out there, we tend to only be exposed to, or seek out, material that lies within our interests. Of course, blanket statements are usually a bad idea, so I should clarify that this is the always the case, but more of a trend. I happen to like books about heists and thieves in general (On a random side note, how many people think stealing would be so much fun? I mean, sure it hurts people and we shouldn’t do it, but how can you watch Ocean’s 11 and NOT want to try to strategize and execute a successful robbery?) I guess I live vicariously through them. And legally.

But anyways, what I mean to say is that having an audience that readily seeks out work similar to your own really cuts down on the negative feedback and possible embarrassment. I’m not one who is usually shy or easily embarrassed, but at the same time, I will always know that my peers and some instructors in the minor in writing will be looking over my e-portfolio. It’s almost like throwing some really specifically-themed little party at your house, and your roommate and his friend come home early and decides to ‘sit in’. You’d probably be scrunching your face like, “Urgh, I wouldn’t really expect you to get this, Paul [his name apparently], it’s more for people like us (as you motion around you)”. Of course, as much as I harp on this subject, I usually try to not take myself too seriously, and often tell myself to just “nut up” and take the leap. This has proven a mistake many times. But usually, it turns out the right choice. Say I want to target my portfolio towards a really, really nerdy audience. I am pretty sure that judgement is swift and on its way, even if it doesn’t affect my grade. But it’s still there. So while I really force myself to get over it, this project does make you at least think about who will be initially glancing at  your portfolio. I just mean that some people in the class may not put some things in their portfolio that they would put on a more anonymous or removed portfolio or blog elsewhere. This isn’t necessarily a good or a bad thing. But it is a thing. And I thought about it as I read the prompt so I thought I’d address it.

I think that I am going to target a slightly nerdier-yet-professional audience. Namely the tech industry. You get a lot of really, really nerdy people there, but they also like you to have the ability to present yourself in a non-alienable manner. You can know a shit ton about computer processors, but if you take on the tone of a know-it-all, nobody is going to want to read the valid information you have. So, I think I want to showcase knowledge of the tech field (only a few aspects, it’s a frighteningly vast rabbit hole), but keep it relatable, readable, and helpful. (on a side note, this spell check on WordPress is completely useless. It doesn’t register “strategize” “think” or “relatable” as words. I could just be wrong/hallucinating, you guys tell me). So that’s where I am at with my targeted audience. I would like to be able to reference this later this summer and after graduation to showcase my work. Or I might just use this portfolio as a test drive for WordPress, and then buy a WordPress domain and start my own blog once I get the hang of it, we’ll see.

3 thoughts to “Who Will Be Your Audience? (besides the one that you have to have)”

  1. Hahah. You’re so descriptive with your examples. Your blog post this week really made me think – Not only about the E-portfolio, but also about the writing minor in general. Knowing that our audience has similar interests is the perfect way to be less scared and really put ourselves out there. You’re right – it most likely means we will be subject to less negative feedback, and hopefully, because of our similar interests, very helpful positive feedback and constructive criticism. It’s interesting that you are putting so much thought into the audience of your E-portfolio. I have really not considered that part of mine yet, so you are inspiring me to do so (=

  2. Since this class is not traditionally graded, I say whatever questionable, weird, nerdy, niche, or strange thing you want to try with this blog–flat out go for it. Experiment and have fun with it. Who cares if (right now) nobody quite gets the content. The point is that this is a group of people and instructors who CAN help you with the format for your weirdness of choice. Plus when you think about it, people enjoy those with the courage to be unabashedly strange best of all so…why not try?

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