Why is writing research papers so boring?

After being in this class for half a semester, I think I have gotten spoiled.  We have had so much freedom in what we can write– almost no guidelines, no direction, just writing.  I have been able to write in almost every different genre and style I can think of.  Since this class has been the majority of the writing I have done so far this semester, I forgot that not all writing is like this.  For the past four hours I have been staring at the cursor blinking on my blank white computer screen in an attempt to start my research paper for my communications class.  After analyzing seven different peer-reviewed journals, extracting quotes and key information, and attempting to make an outline– I think I am ready to come back to doing my homework for writing 220!  I officially hate research papers.  Why can’t I just write a blog post about my research? 🙂 

Thankfully I have this blog to rant about all of my pent up aggression about my academic writing frustration.  Now back to work!

5 thoughts to “Why is writing research papers so boring?”

  1. Good use of the blog!! :)) Now: How might you take the joy you find in writing things like blog posts and translate it (or even a kernel of it) into writing academic research papers? Maybe Helen Sword will come to your rescue there…

  2. haha I know what you mean! I was writing trying to write my psychology paper the other day and I seriously just kept putting it away and working on my re-purposing piece. On the other hand, I also think that this class gives us great tools to use in our writing…I decided I was just going to start putting all my ideas down on paper and then see where that would take me – shitty first draft FTW!

    Good luck with your comm paper! One thing you could try is sitting out in the diag with your laptop and enjoying the weather today! Sometimes a change of scenery helps spark an idea!

  3. Totally agree with you here. I’ll have ten other assignments to do for other classes, but will chose to sit around and mess with my re-purposing and my re-mediating assignments. For some reason, even when i’m full-on writing for this class, it still doesn’t feel like i’m doing any work! Going off of Shelley’s comment, you could take your laid back attitude about writing for Writing 220 and apply it to your other pieces of writing…just pretend you’re writing it for this class. In no time, ideas will come to you, and even if the bulk of the paper is “research” (boring) you will be able to add in your own style! Good Luck!

  4. As Shelley hinted at, try to approach your research paper in the same way you approach your writing for this gateway class. Sworn would be so proud of you if you incorporated what you have learned from writing in other genres to your research paper! Make it interesting for your GSI and informative for others who read it.
    I have a similar problem, I spend too much time staring at a blank computer screen. Maybe try a free write. And even if your free write is more in the direction of a different genre than a research paper, at least you’re allowing your ideas on the topic to come out on paper and you can organize them in a more orderly fashion. Then elaborate on these ideas to create an effective research paper.
    Sending you focus, words and ideas as you finish up your paper! Good Luck!

  5. I agree with everyone’s notion that doing work for our class doesn’t feel like doing work. Part of the reason that work in other classes can stress us out so much is because all of the requirements that restrict us in some ways. Maybe you should write an actual blog post about your research. Not only will you get more points for this class, but it also might help you flesh out your ideas and push you in a certain direction for the paper. I think we all get stuck at some point when doing those types of assignments, and before this class I would have never thought of writing a blog post as a way to help me think. But now, I think it would actually be a good idea.

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