Writing for a Specific Audience

The first thing I noticed when browsing various forms of writing for my re-purposing project was that each medium has unique techniques employed in order to reach a certain kind of audience. Op-eds – include much ethos and appeal to the reader’s sense of logic; Blogging – has much personality and interactive components; Research/academic papers – incorporate many statistics and data as evidence. All of these mediums (and numerous more) are distinct and serve a specific purpose.

I have decided that for my project I will be re-purposing my academic research paper on the legality of unpaid internships into an op-ed piece. After re-visiting Andrew Sullivan’s Why I Blog, I realize that just as important – or even more so – than the content of my op-ed will be the tone I sent throughout it. I want to have this piece to resemble an op-ed in the Michigan Daily and therefore target student readers who have much stake in the matter. I want to be informative while also grabbing a student’s attention – perhaps with links and videos. Much of the new research I will be doing for this project will be focused on understanding successful techniques that op-ed writers use. This genre of writing is completely knew to me, however I believe that my topic on internships could produce a great article!

One thought to “Writing for a Specific Audience”

  1. As we discussed in class, this is definitely a logical direction to go in for this assignment. I think that exploring/researching an issue for an opinion piece can really help you find even more information. Because you have a stake in supporting your opinion (and in your case as a student, have a stake in the issue of unpaid internships), you will be more motivated (not to mention more connected) to find great information.
    I also really like what you said about placing an emphasis on tone. Tone is extremely important in op-ed pieces, and has just as much an impact on your reader as the facts of the argument.

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