Your Thoughts on Cloud Atlas….and also some of the actual prompt.

Yes…that’s a big picture. First off, I have to ask if anyone else is excited for Cloud Atlas to hit theaters this Friday. I plan on seeing it in IMAX and am really looking forward to it. I bought the book but haven’t had a chance to finish it because of schoolwork, but it looks like a ridiculously complex/awesome/thought-provoking extravaganza that I encourage everyone to check out. Also, if you take the time to watch the extended trailer I can’t see how you wouldn’t want to go see this movie (and that musical score, holy shit!). Here’s the link for the lazy (watch it in 1080p on youtube to really have your socks blown off) :

Ahh, well, time to actually pay attention to the prompt. After reading the re-mediating prompt, I think I have a good idea of how I want to re-mediate my freshmen orientation pamphlet on the dangers of social media limiting one’s college experience. I think that an upbeat video would be something that freshmen might want to see, or rather experience than any other medium. I am planning on it featuring me, possibly at different dorms or parts of campus talking about how social media and the internet is really an awesome thing, but you have to be careful it doesn’t lessen your college experience, because, frankly, it isn’t worth it. I know that I have to make it informative-yet-brief as the attention span of today’s college student isn’t exactly very high (kudos to you if you are still reading this blog post). I think that it can’t be all dark and dreary tone-wise because I sure as hell wouldn’t want to watch some scare tactic video.

I plan on shooting it using my iPad 3, mostly because I’m excited to look like a big idiot filming with a huge tablet (not). No, actually, it shoots 1080p video so that’s all dandy, and I can purchase an iMovie app for like $5 that will get the job done, all with relative ease. I’m actually kind of excited about trying it out. We’ll see. But the real question is…will you see…Cloud Atlas? (couldn’t resist)

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