What reading experience do you want your audience to have, both of the portfolio as a whole and the particular artifacts?

I want whoever reads my portfolio to get the impression that I am a multi faceted individual by having a multi faceted viewing experience. For example I wrote a song for “Why I Write.” I hope to keep my audience interested by providing different forms of writing. As a person I’m always looking to learn something new or add a skill to my repertoire. If I can craft a portfolio that reflects this I am confident my audience will have a positive viewing experience.



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  1. I think that will turn out to be really successful! I like that you will include different forms of writing. It will show how talented you are in many different areas!! However, I would encourage you to think about the layout of your ePort so that all of these different types of writing are cohesively presented…so that whoever your audience is won’t be confused/lost in your ePort!

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