Alexis vs. Technology

I have the most frustrating relationship with technology.

New media has so much potential it is actually overwhelming. When thinking in terms of my E-portfolio, I really want to utilize as many widgets, photos, etc. as possible. Yet, I still don’t understand how to properly create a portfolio that has a design reflective of who I am as a writer. I want to look at my finished product and have a moment where I’m like BAM that’s me, that’s how I want others to perceive my writing style. So, the next couple of weeks may be a struggle. And I may be asking our tech-savvy classmates to answer a few questions. I’m hoping with some practice my Alexis vs. Technology war will turn into a peaceful union (excuse my cheesy reference).

Wish me luck!

Until then…

One thought to “Alexis vs. Technology”

  1. Alexis,

    Having read this post and having seen your “almost” finished ePortfolio, I would say you’re definitely at that “BAM” level. You ePortfolio looks great, you did a great job incorporating multimedia elements and various samples of academic writing you’ve completed in the past. I love the “forever” platform you chose (I have that one as well). I think you’re ePort looks very professional and I look forward to seeing your final version. Great job at winning the Alexis v. Technology war!

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