Hager and Joe Kennedy Sr.

I am currently reading The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy and after listening to Thomas Hager I think there is much that could be written about Joseph Kennedy Sr in the realm of historical non fiction.  He led a convoluted life that would need no embellishments to prove interesting to a reader.  I was impressed with how Mr. Hager stood by his belief that fabricating conversations to any extent is doing a disservice to the reader.  The amount of research Mr. Hager devotes to his writing is insane and proves he has a passion for his writing. I have a difficult enough time finding the motivation for a 10 pager let alone a novel. Then again, he writes what he wants whereas we as students write what our professors want. Nevertheless impressive.

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  1. I have not heard of this book, but it sounds interesting. I think that you know whether or not you’re destined to be a writer by whether or not it truly excites you. Personally, I know that I would not remain motivated if I simply did research and wrote books. But that’s why there’s lots of other people like this guy who like to do it and produce great works.

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