Do you dare?

Would you dare to be creative in an academic research paper? Take a risk and use “I”? Put your life on the line and add an anecdote or two!?! (Ok, so maybe the stakes don’t need to be that high). But seriously, it is one thing to talk about stylish writing, but a whole other to put it into practice. I know I am definitely hesitant to break with academic norms for a class with a professor who seems old-school…but is the risk worth taking? Ever since our conversation about stylish writing began I have wondered about this idea: stylishness is definitely admirable and easy to nod along and agree with in theory, but a challenge to execute without raising a few academic eye brows in practice. I am curious to see if anyone has taken a risk since our discussion began, or if anyone thinks they may in the future…I know I am planning to shift a little out of the box!


3 thoughts to “Do you dare?”

  1. Hmm…to write stylishly or to get a good grade?

    I sincerely hope it wouldn’t come down to this, regardless of the class or the professor who’s teaching it. But if it did, to be completely honest I would choose the latter. This could be just because I don’t have a particularly strong opinion about use of the second person in formal essays. While I’d prefer to be free to have the option, I don’t believe the use of the second person and writing stylishly are mutually exclusive. In other words, even in the most “old school” of contexts it’s still possible to write stylishly. It’s much more difficult, yes, but I think having this adaptability is as useful as it is a sign of a good writer.

    Either way, though, I definitely agree that “stylishness” is much easier said than written.

  2. I like the picture you included in your post! It definitely is one thing to discuss breaking the mold and another to actually go ahead and try. Maybe in Madrid where we will be having pass/fail classes anyway we can try 🙂

  3. I think that the best teachers notice that creativity, when used well, advances an argument. Therefore, creativity and good grades ought not be mutually exclusive! So, yes, I’ve used “I” in an academic paper and I’ve survived! Best of luck on final exams.

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