How I Write

So for this How I Write post, I am going to talk about a lecture given by Kurt Vonnegut, one of my favorite authors. In this video, Vonnegut has a chalkboard and draws the graph of stories. This visual representation of how he writes a story and how we digest a story is not only very funny, but also shows how we can use diagrams and shapes and drawings and graphs as a means of understanding a written story or piece. I have never been one to draw for a prewrite, but there is something nice about mapping out writing and having a visual to refer to when all you can think about is the lack of words on a screen.

It is also interesting how Vonnegut is trying to use this visual representation of written stories so that computers can digest them; this video is from at least a decade ago, and Vonnegut already can see the importance of the digital world and the world of words to be able to mesh. Stories need to adapt, and can be told in more ways than just with words (i.e. charts, pictures, etc.).

I love Kurt Vonnegut on writing, and I will leave off with another famous (in the world of English nerds) bit of advice from the writer about writing short stories:

On How to Write a Short Story

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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