How “The Art of The Essay” Supports My Writing

This course is AMAZING. This course has, and continues to provide me with so much perspective and depth to my writing. From mechanics to prose, how I write narrative continues to be challenged daily, and I actually enjoy the challenge.

As writers, I think on a basic level we all understand that style is everything. It communicates so much, but mostly personality. When you read the work of an author, you’re able to get into his/her mind. On a basic level, this is the type of knowledge that I brought to the classroom. However, what this class is teaching me is depth, particularly how to have heart in my writing – but mostly  how to make the reader listen & anticipate my beat.

Often when we read over the prerequisites for courses, undergraduates often think – whether we say so or not – why can’t we just get to it? Why must we take all these (seemingly unnecessary) courses just to get what we want, which is the major/minor. But, taking this course, I get it. I get why Professor Gere, Professor Shelly Manis and so many others thought it necessary for  us (Writing Minors) to have this course be an option to the requirements that need to be fulfilled. They want us to have heart in our writing.

Brittany Smith

University of Michigan (first year) senior, Detroit native.

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