Mediating and RE-Mediating and RE-Mediating…

This re-mediating project has definitely taken a toll on me. My original thought was to make a Prezi. What better way to share facts about adderall with students to try to convince them that it is not a casual study buddy like they may think it is? However, the major issues I am coming up with are that A) Prezi is pretty sensitive (and confusing) and B) I want it to be EXCITING and ATTENTION GRABBING! Is Prezi capable of doing that??

A) When I say Prezi is sensitive, you probably don’t know what I mean unless you’ve played with it yourself. If you want to add something in, change a path, or move any shape or symbol, there is one specific way to do it. The shapes or symbols move very very easily, which makes it difficult when you are just trying to move things around or mess with the layout a little bit. Your entire base could be messed up just by a quick tap on your trackpad.

B) I would love to add in video clips and photos and interesting facts. For the facts, Prezi is absolutely the way to go. However, for the MEDIA (video clips for the most part), It would probably be MORE exciting and attention grabbing in the form of an I-movie. However, when I finish messing around with Prezi, I know I will be able to get it to where I want it.

Lastly, I think it would be extremely cool if I were actually able to show this Prezi to students, and it could hopefully have the real affect I was hoping it would have on Michigan Students. Once my final draft is done, I need to figure out who to talk to about possible getting my Prezi shown on those TVs in the UGLI. Does anybody know who I could talk to about that?

So, as my title says, I have been re-mediating and re-mediating again and again. It is definitely a difficult process, but I know the end result will make it worth it! More importantly, I can’t wait to see what everyone else has been working on!!

3 thoughts to “Mediating and RE-Mediating and RE-Mediating…”

  1. I can definitely relate on the difficulties of using Prezi. I know that you can insert video clips into your Prezi. While with iMovie it is easier to string different clips together, you can still present videos through Prezi.
    Definitely look into getting this on the TVs at the ugly. That would be really cool and would be the most appropriate venue to inform students about this issue.
    Good luck with finishing up the rough cut of the project. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely a worthwhile experience.

  2. I think your topic is very relevant to UofM’s student body. Adderall is definitely an abused substance by students. If you follow through with Prezi, I believe the presentation would display very well on the ugli screens. I would start by asking the help desk in the ugli. If this doesn’t work, perhaps you could contact the LSA student gov representative. I’m sure they would love to help out with informing our student body! If you are unable to get your presentation up and running in the ugli, I would encourage you to find another place on campus to display your work.
    Because your topic has some serious undertones, I think Prezi is the best fit. (Not to say an i-movie presentation would be bad). I haven’t played around with Prezi enough myself to help you just yet. But I wish you the best of luck with adding media into your presentation!

  3. I have never personally used Prezi for a project, but after seeing you and Ben working with it in class I can tell that it is definitely extremely sensitive!! Even though it sounds very frustrating (there is nothing I hate more than uncooperative technology, especially when you are working on a school project), it sounds like you are handling it well and pushing through. Definitely keep working with it to get it how you want it to look. If the movie clips aren’t working out, maybe there is a way to spice up the informational facts and statistics with some cool images, graphics, or effects? In terms of getting your final presentation out to a broader audience on campus- I think that is a fantastic idea. The use of Adderall is such a huge issue on our campus and I think it would be very beneficial for the student body to see the real effects of it. Maybe you can talk to the student government to see if there is some type of campaign you can work on or any venue they think would be effective in conveying your message to the students? I can’t wait to see the final product!

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