Old Blogs Can Learn New Tricks…

…as I’ve found, quite happily.

After realizing I needed a new foundation for my ever-changing and topic-meshing blog, fuming about my inability to do anything new with the layout, and staring at new themes on WordPress for days on end, I may have finally found my happy medium (no pun intended).

Despite it’s simplicity, I’m very happy to say that it actually helps me clear my thoughts and organize my writing/poetry/art in a better format. I’ve also found that in my previously futile attempts to try and converge my major (Econ) and minor (Writing) in this time capsule blog, all I needed was a fresh start. I’m hoping that I can submit this as the final ePortfolio for the Capstone course, Writing 400.

If anyone wants to take a look at my blog, and let me know what they think I can do better, I’d be thrilled. You may find it here, if you’re curious. There still isn’t much on it yet, but I’m working toward gathering a good amount of sample writings from all of my significant classes in order to show my progress as a writer.

But on the topic of progressing as a writer, I’ve rediscovered my niche in poetry. I’ve found that I’m quite a fan of Zuihitsu poems, as well as narrative poetry, which was something that I’d attempted before taking English 223, but now have started polishing. I think that I may begin to start engaging more in the WordPress.com blogging community and look at the different ways (through media) that others may present their writings.

All in all, despite a messy week of cursing my ePortfolio, I’m content with the result of a W.I.P. that will probably never be finished, as long as I keep writing. PS- Writing pure fiction is hard!

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