[Pika!] Break…Or Is It?

I am still getting accustomed to the concept of college break’s not actually being breaks.  In high school, breaks were a time for pure relaxation. Doing school work was completely out of the question!  While I am extremely excited for Thanksgiving break to begin, I am also brought to the realization that this will not be my ideal “break.” It will probably evolve countless hours in my local library. But hey, it will probably be empty!

It just occurred to me how little time there is in the remainder of the semester once we return from Thanksgiving break. With only about three weeks left in the semester, my weeks will be full of studying and writing final papers.  I am doing my best to try and get as much done as I can, but I constantly find that something more “important” takes priority.  How do you handle this cyclical cycle of stress? I really do not want to hold off on all of my end of semester work, but at the same time I am struggling to find any time to complete it before hand. There really are not enough hours in the day…

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  1. I feel the same way. I kind of hate Thanksgiving break, just because there’s always so much work to do right before finals hit. It’s so hard to be at home with my family and friends and to be tempted to spend all of my time with them when I know I have work hanging over my head. It would almost be easier for me to stay here and lock myself up in my room. Then I wouldn’t be distracted.

    There’s always a point in each semester when I feel like it’s actually impossible to do all the work I have to do, but somehow I pull through. Right now I’m feeling that way again, and I REALLY don’t know if I can get things done. I don’t know what to prioritize – there’s some things that are due really soon, so maybe I should do those first. But then there’s other things that are big projects that’ll require a lot of time, so maybe I should get started on those. I don’t know! I just get frustrated and end up being a lot less productive than I should be.

    I keep going back and forth between being excited that Christmas is only a month away and freaking out because I have so little time to get my work done.

    I’m sorry, I have no solutions to offer. Just sympathy.

  2. My mom used to always tell me that there were not enough hours in the day and I used to stare at her like she was crazy. Now I totally agree. I came upon the realization that there was a very limited amount of time left to accomplish everything after break so I began to make a checklist of everything I must accomplish before the semester ends. I wrote down everything. 1 exam, 1 final, 2 homework assignments, 1 paper ect. I also wrote my grade percentage in the class next to the list so I could see where I stand and what assignments I needed to excel at in order to get my desired grade. While it did cause a mini panic attack when I first wrote it it really motivated me to get going.

  3. Yes, I feel similarly. It always seems that when we return to school after Thanksgiving break that it’s a sprint to final exams. That’s a bummer because it means that we need to study over break. I think that the trick really comes down to taking classes that you love so that the work doesn’t actually feel that bad. I hope that your writing class falls under that category! Best of luck with everything. I’ll see you back at school in just a few short days.

  4. Yeah I feel like I am overwhelmed so much of the time that when I actually have a weeknight where I don’t have anything due the next day I just don’t do anything and totally waste my time. Which leads to me having to stress out when something actually IS due, leading to the whole cycle starting over again. I know that the most efficient system would be to work a normal amount every night but I just can’t make myself work on something if I know it’s not due!

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