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Hello all,

As the extended weekend is quickly approaching I am realizing how much I must get done during this period of time before the semester ends. I planned on stating on my workload this weekend but ended up getting distracted. Friday and Saturday I decided to go shopping with my roommates rather than do any thing that will benefit me in any way. Saturday my roommate and I decided to buy some goldfish. There was really no reason behind this whimsical purchase. We just felt like they needed to be saved from Meijers I suppose. The new fish have managed to distract my roommate all morning. She has never had pets before and therefore is paying undivided attention to them. Last night she actually came into my room and asked if it was okay to turn off all the lights in the living room or if the fish wanted some lights on. Today she has already tried feeding them four times because “they look hungry”. Distractions. For my roommate the distractions are the fish. For me it is anything and generally everything besides for homework. I have tried going to the library or even to the stacks and not brining my computer but I always manage to find something. Like the witty writings all over the stacks.  I am just wondering if anybody else has odd distractions and how they deal with them.


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  1. Haha, I swear I have gone through the same sort of thing during many of the weekends here at the University. I will usually have some sort of plan/goal for how much I’ll get done in a day but then by the end of the weekend I’ll have maybe gotten half of that amount done due to something-or-other getting in the way of me being productive.

    For me, though, I think the biggest distraction is probably one most of us have trouble with: the Internet. I like to do most of my work at my desk. Given the fact that my desk also has my desktop computer with a big-ass monitor staring me in the face every time I go to work, it’s fairly easy to find myself opening the internet for “just a second” to check on something.

    I have about 5 or so different websites that I check frequently and what usually happens is I will go to check one site, then decide “eh, why not?” and go through the rounds of checking them all. If one site is updated in some way, that usually is just another article I “have” to read before I can go back to work. By the time I’m finally done checking everything, a good 10-15 minutes has passed and then I work for a short while longer before I want to start checking for updates again.

    It is a vicious cycle and I usually can only manage to avoid it by working at night when normal people are sleeping and websites don’t have anything new to post.

  2. My time management skills have been TERRIBLE lately. I have so much to do, and usually stress motivates me to get to work, but right now I feel like I’ve kind of given up. It’s not good. I’m not nearly as stressed as I should be, but if I keep working (not working) the way I’ve been working, I’m going to go out of my mind with stress after Thanksgiving.

    My biggest distraction is food. It gives me a valid reason to stop working, because hey, I need to eat. But do I need to walk to Totoro, spend $15 on sushi, come home, and watch an hour-long episode of some show while I eat? No. I have this horrible habit of watching TV while I eat, so even if it only takes me 15-20 minutes to eat, I end up taking a good 60-90 minute break.

    Right now my only solution is to watch half-hour shows, but. That’s all I’ve got.

    Wow, I just made myself sound so lazy and unproductive.
    I work hard sometimes, I promise.

  3. This post is weirdly comforting because now I do not feel as guilty about my procrastination! While I do not buy pets in my spare time, I do find myself distracted at the worst possible times. I find that I am much more focused during the week because I have such a strict routine. However, the weekends are basically a free for all. I basically use my weekends to catch up on sleep and obviously all the TV shows that I have not had time to watch during the week. I think I am especially distracted right now because break is right around the corner and all my friends are already home. Knowing that they are home doing absolutely nothing and that I am still at school cramming for an exam just feels beyond unfair. Counting down the seconds till I am on break!

  4. I am not really bad about letting food be my source of distraction when I work, but when I *do* eat, I usually do exactly what you do: watch TV. I am a pretty quick eater, so in most cases just eating wouldn’t take me long at all, but 90% of the time I end up saying “oh, I’m eating so this is probably a good time to relax and watch a show.” I know that my food won’t take the entire time to eat, but I still watch a full show anyways. And then I usually justify this by saying “if I were someone else who eats slower, it would *probably* take me the length of a show to finish food so it’s okay to finish this episode even though I’m done om nom nom-ing.”

  5. What I do to tackle my list of things to do on the weekend is color-code all of my papers, projects and homework for the weekend. Each color corresponds to a different day that I plan to have that assignment done by. But for some reason the coming break has totally drained me of all of my motivation. I think we’ve all had that justification (talked about in class) that “I’ll be way more productive on break”. I know I will get more stuff done on Thanksgiving break because I’ll feel the pressure more but so far this weekend I distracted myself by eating, cleaning, sleeping, watching endless amounts of Dexter and Parks and Recreation and being lazy with my roommates on the couch.

  6. Funny post! Loved the picture of the goldfish. One of my housemates is in an a-capella group and the walls in my house are pretty thin. At random times, I sometimes hear him belting out “Home” by Phillip Phillips for example. I almost always pause my homework to enjoy the private concert. After a minute or so, I put in some headphones and get back to work. Good luck with everything!

  7. This isn’t really an answer to your question but your thought that you wanted to save them from Meijer’s made me think of an article I read a long time ago. I couldn’t find it again but it was really funny. It wasn’t funny on purpose though, it was supposed to be serious. It was like this three-page argument over whether or not this guy should buy a goldfish. He said he wanted to rescue them from the small tank at the pet store, but if he bought one then it would just be replaced by another one and he would be helping the system to continue. The dilemma just tore this guy up and so he wrote this super long article about it. I guess that’s what distracts me the most: reading random dumb stuff on the internet.

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