[pika] Good Classes To Take?

Hey everyone, I’m registering for classes on December 3rd and I’d love some advice about good science classes and humanities classes to take. Can’t believe that I’m going into my second semester of junior year. Below are some great classes that I’ve taken at Michigan. Hope it’s helpful and thanks so much for your advice:

Social Science:

PSYCH 111 (Intro to Psych) with Shelly Schreier

PSYCH 280 (Intro to Social Psych) with Ethan Kross


English 225 (Argumentative Writing) with Nick Harp


Thanks again for your tips! 

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  1. I would highly recommend Education 462 Place out of Time. Basically, class is a mixture of writing and history. You become a notable character for the semester, and communicate with middle school students who also take on a role. For example, I am Trayvon Martin and I have communicated with a bunch of characters such as Sherlock Holmes and Lebron James. This semester, we are working with a group of Jewish day schools across North America, and we are discussing current events as well as history. I highly recommend this class!

  2. I took an AmCult class (AmCult 204 – Muslims in America) during sophomore year with Rima Hassouneh, and it was truly an amazing learning experience. We learned about how Muslims are treated in America, particularly in the era after 9/11. Each class was set up as a discussion where we talked about the previous night’s reading and often did group work to go over main concepts in many of the classes. There were also lots of supplementary videos shown during the course, which was a nice break from the seminar atmosphere each day. Your grade in the class consists of participation/homework (there were probably only 2-3 homework assignments for the whole semester) and 2-3 exams. The exams are very straight-forward and easy to prepare for (Rima gives a list of 10 essay prompts and 6-7 appear on the actual exam), so you can do really, really well in the class if you put in the time and effort. So, if you’re looking for a relatively easy yet informative and interesting course to fulfill your humanities credits, I’d definitely recommend this class (or any taught by Rima, she’s amazing!)

  3. Thanks so much for your replies! I’m looking into AMCULT 204 and am going to consider taking it next semester. Before registering for classes each semester I’ve always asked friends for their advice and I appreciate both of you chiming in. If any other good classes come up, I’ll be sure to add to the post.

  4. I have heard really good things about Nick Harp, I wanted to take him this semester. I took CLCIV 385 Greek Mythology this semester and it has been one of my all-time favorite classes. My professor was Paolo Asso and he was great. The class wasn’t too hard and it was really interesting. I also took ACABS 261 Ancient Egyptian Religion and Culture, that was really interesting. AOSS 102 Extreme Weather wasn’t that hard and it was a natural science credit I think. CompLit 322 Translation Workshop was awesome, I had never thought about translation that much before and it was eye-opening. My professor was Anton Shammas. It counts as an ULWR too.

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