[Pika!] Puppy Love

When I go home for school breaks, I miss sleeping in my own bed, the taste of edible food, and taking bubble baths—but most of all, I miss playing with my puppy.  There’s just something special about coming home after being away at school for three months and being pounced on, licked, and loved by your dog.  I honestly thought Cleopatra wouldn’t even recognize me because she’s only been in the family for a few months before I left for school in August, but her big brown eyes perked up and her tail was wagging profusely the minute I stepped inside the house on Tuesday night.  There are so many comforts of home that we miss when we’re away at school, and I’d love to know what you guys love the most about going home for holiday breaks.

3 thoughts to “[Pika!] Puppy Love”

  1. Being that my dad is a veterinarian, I have always grown up surrounded by animals. Currently, my family has two dogs and a cat. I definitely miss them when I am at school! But what I love most of all about being home is spending time with my family and friends. Most of my close friends from school go to college out of state or at places other than Michigan, so it is always nice to all get together and catch up about school. I also love eating home cooked meals and having a freshly stocked refrigerator at my disposal at all times! While being home for break has been relaxing, I am definitely ready to get back to school to start all the work that awaits me.

  2. As an out of state student at Michigan, Thanksgiving break is really the first time for me to see my parents and brother again. That’s definitely what I love the most. Oh yah, and the food isn’t too bad either. 🙂

  3. I love seeing my family the most of course, but I also love seeing my bird. I don’t get to talk to him on the phone or via text so in a way I miss him even more. I usually use a lot of baby talk with him but when I come home it reaches the level where I wouldn’t be surprised if the walls themselves started puking from the over-sweetness.

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