[Pika!] Thanksgiving Horror Story

Thanksgiving is a time for family and with that usually means bickering over who gets to watch TV, eat the last desert, clean up the dishes etc. I love my family very much but every time we get together it’s an exhausting overflow of love, laughs, bickering, and being smart-asses. I want to know what type of experiences you guys have with your family when you come home from break. For instance, a couple of Thanksgiving’s ago we were hosting dinner and I had to prepare the turkey because my mom is a vegetarian and it grosses her out. For those of you who haven’t, have to remove two bags of gizzards and the neck before you can cook the bird. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one of the bags so for about 20 minutes I had to feel around the deep crevices of the bird until I finally found. Then I accidentally ripped the bag, causing a bunch of cold blood and parts  to burst over the bird. Gross.

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  1. Woohoo for your mom being vegetarian! (I always love it when I realize someone else is a fellow vegetarian…)

    But to answer your question, most Thanksgivings with my family aren’t really “bad” or what you’d consider a horror story, but they’re not all sunshine and rainbows either. Usually there is some sort of divide within the family that most people know is there, but no one wants to talk about so while everyone might seem nice and happy at the dinner table, when we all head home it’s all “did you hear what she said?” or “the way she said that was just… I can’t believe her!” kind of chatter.

    This year, however, I wouldn’t call my Thanksgiving plans anything of “horror” but they will definitely be hectic. My girlfriend and I will be leaving Ann Arbor on Wednesday, only to be at my house for a few hours before we head to a concert in Detroit. When that is over, the next day will not only be Thanksgiving, but also our one-year together. So we will be having an early Thanksgiving with my family and then driving down to Ohio (~1.5 hours from me) to have dinner with her family. After that, I will be driving home early Saturday morning, spending my time at home studying my ass off for an Orgo exam that I have on Tuesday and then finally heading back to Ann Arbor on Sunday night.

    So, as much as I love breaks and stuffing my face, this Thanksgiving break will mostly be driving and studying. Woohoo!… 😐

  2. Woohoo for Kira’s mother and Mitchell! I refrain from the meats also. In fact, this will be my first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian.

    I find Thanksgiving, at least in my family, so strange. We gather with my father’s brother and his family, a group with whom we have nothing in common except a common ancestry. And so we gather, accompanied by forced conversation and a plethora of food. Meanwhile, I cannot resist the thought that the whole gathering is arbitrary; this sharing of a bloodline means nothing if you find those with you share it unsavory. Does anyone else indulge in this thought?

    This upcoming weekend, however, I will spend time in Ohio with my farmer cousins whom I hold in the highest regard. They cultivate the land; that is the most honest work to me. While in Ohio, I will engage in college-like behaviors at the Ohio State University. And I fear so genuinely that the students there will berate me with hideous words.

    Have a fruitful break, cohort!

  3. I shall continue this streak of Woohoo-ing for everyone who doesn’t eat meat. I can’t do it. I just really can’t. Sometimes it is necessary for me to eat meat though because I am anemic and I often times get bad side effects from iron pills but I do not eat red meat. My roommates and I just made ourselves a Thanksgiving feast on Sunday and it was mine, and my roommates responsibility to cook for everyone. I could not prepare the turkey. I watched my roommate do it and just stared in shock. I swear I could see all the veins. It just weirds me out. I look at the turkey and see its veins, and the connective tissue and cartilage between its joints and then I look at my arm and see my veins and feel my connective cartilage between my forearm and bicep and get this horrendous look on my face. All my friends know that I am very iffy about meat. While they were eating their turkey I just sat there and watched them. Its not like I’m going to yell at them for eating meat I don’t really care either way. I just can’t stomach meat because it resembles human anatomy too closely. I will never forget being rushed to MSU Pediatrics unit when I was diagnosed with severe anemia and trying to explain to the doctor that I do not eat meat. She asked me if I don’t eat meat because I am a vegetarian and I responded no. I replied that I don’t eat meat because it resembles what I envision my thigh meat looking like.

  4. Ew I can’t believe the bag of guts exploded! Siiiick. I’ve never had to dig out the guts like that but when I was little my mom would always try to get me to do it just to gross me out. I also have family in Ohio, last Thanksgiving I was there during the UM-Ohio State game. My cousin goes to Ohio State too, so that was interesting. We ended up winning that year though! Seeing my extended family is very varied, some people I’m very happy to see and some people I could go without seeing. Did none of you guys who are vegetarian eat tofurkey or something?

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