[Pika!] Ways to Relax??

So today Ray told us we all need to take a chill pill and I agree. But it seems like during college there is never a break. Right now it’s finals but even after that it’s the stress of scheduling new classes, and when summer hits it’ll be about finding impressive internships or studying for entrance exams (I’m getting all clammy just thinking about it). I was wondering what you guys do to force yourself to relax. I do things like taking 30 minute naps, doing child’s pose (a silly yoga pose) and playing guitar.  You also might have relaxing hobbies you can only do on holiday breaks when you have more time. Please let me know so I can learn better ways to relax!

3 thoughts to “[Pika!] Ways to Relax??”

  1. Hey, I’ll share my two favorite relaxation secrets:
    #1) Take a nice long hot shower. Whenever I’m in the shower, my mind wanders and it normally isn’t about school work. I’m able to be completely calm.
    #2) Call up my mom/dad/brother and tell them about all the work I have. There’s something about hearing their calming voices that helps me relax.

  2. For me, there are about three things I do most often when I want to relax. The first, and one I probably do most often, is just playing video games. That might sound silly, but after I’ve been working a while and my brain is getting too tired, putting headphones on and playing a game is a good distraction that sort of just settles my mind down a bit.

    The second, you already mentioned… sleep! I am very liberal when it comes to napping. If I’m exhausted and work is killing me, I just try to take a nap. Part of that might be because I know I work well at night and can make up for it later, but either way it definitely helps.

    The last one I don’t do too often, but whenever exams or homework or whatever is REALLY bogging us down, I’ll force my girlfriend and myself to go on a walk. Sometimes it’s just around the diag a couple of times, other times it’s a full-on long break through the Arb. Wherever it is, a nice long walk can really be helpful.

  3. I like laying down and listening to music I really like. It’s halfway between a nap and just listening to music and it really calms me down. Doing chores around my apartment can help me get my mind off of stuff that’s worrying me and it makes me feel productive which is especially important if I’m stuck writing a paper or I’ve been studying for a long time.

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