[pika] What are you thankful for?

As I write this post, I’ve just kissed my Aunt and friends goodbye after our Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s great to be home in Maryland after a tough few months of my junior year.  I’m truly thankful for my wonderful family and my awesome brother.  It is difficult to explain in a blog post but my family means everything to me.  Take my grandfather for example:

My grandfather, Bernard Grandis, is the reason why I first became interested in business. For my 10th birthday, my grandfather purchased five shares of Johnson & Johnson for me and invited me to attend the annual shareholder’s meeting in New Jersey. Before the meeting started, my grandfather pointed out a JNJ executive and encouraged me to ask him a question. I cannot remember my exact question but I think that it was along the lines of whether Johnson and Johnson was developing any new colorful types of Band-Aids. I’ve attached the photo! After that point, my grandfather and I spoke every week about the stock market and about how to invest.

I’m closer with my brother than anyone else.  We’re always both on the same page.  Whenever I have a difficult decision, I always call him up to ask him advice.  We’ve also shared many memories together including trips to Europe and around the US.  More than my college education, more than my success in extracurricular activities, and more than anything else I’m most thankful for my family. What are you most thankful for?




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  1. I am also very thankful for my family. While sitting through Thanksgiving dinner they annoy me sometimes and by the end of the day I’ve had my fare share and am ready to be alone for a while. But as I begin the drive back to Ann Arbor I begin to miss my family. I text my brother everyday and talk to my parents everyday but it is my extended family that I only sporadically talk to. I am thankful for my extended family because they always support me despite our differences. I am also thankful for my friends. Even though my best friends and I go to different colleges, some in different states, we still remain close. Talking to them alleviates my stress. I am also thankful for Black Friday because I got some awesome kitchen stuff!

  2. That is the most adorable picture ever! That is a really cool story about how you became interested in business!
    I’m thankful for my family and friends of course, but I am also thankful that I was born with so many opportunities. I never had to experience poverty or familial loss in my childhood. I wasn’t born with any physical or mental disabilities. I’m not saying my life would have been terrible if I had been, but I’m lucky not to have to have had more things to overcome. I’m soooo glad I was born now instead of in the past. As a woman I would have had so fewer opportunities. There are many things I’m thankful for!

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