[Pika!] Where Do You Study?

Normally when I’m feeling lazy and it’s too cold outside, which happens quite frequently,  I’ll curl up on my bed or park it on a bar stool in the kitchen and hit the books.  Of course, we all need a change of scenery when it comes to studying.

I’ve never been a fan of the big “academic” study spots on campus (call me crazy).  I feel claustrophobic in the UGLi, the “Stacks” make me feel like an inmate, and I’m afraid of getting glared at for merely moving a muscle in the Ref Room.   This distaste for libraries and the like poses some sort of problem because all of my favorite “non-academic” study spots cost money.  I’m completely content with setting up camp in Starbucks (it’s Gingerbread latte season!) or ordering refills of hot apple cider in Espresso Royale while thinking of clever things to post on the blog.  Unfortunately, making these places go-to study spots doesn’t work out all the time because I can’t freeload off of Starbucks’ free Wi-Fi for countless hours, multiple times a week (or can I?) without ordering a plethora of lattes and all that jazz.  Sigh.  It’s a shame this habit isn’t feasible.  I wanted to ask what your favorite study spots on campus are, and if anyone has a compelling reason why the UGLi doesn’t want to make you pull your hair out, I’d love to hear it.




3 thoughts to “[Pika!] Where Do You Study?”

  1. Very relevant post especially now that final exams are only a few weeks away. I’d recommend studying the University of Michigan Law Library. I love the fact that it’s silent and that it looks a lot like Hogwarts. I’ve found that I’m typically most efficient there. If that doesn’t work, try the business school library (4th floor). It’s also amazing quiet. For some reason, it really helps to see other people quietly working. I’m just so much more efficient then. Best of luck with everything!

  2. I could not agree more! I HATE studying at the typical “academic” study spots like you have mentioned. When I study, I like to be in an atmosphere that is calm and not social. Every time I have been to the UGLI and end up having conversations with people instead of getting my work done. I really like finding random study rooms that I can claim that I have discovered. I lived in MOJO dorm last year, and did the majority of studying in a room there. I have gone back multiple times this year as a sophomore and have been super productive because I do not know anyone. I also would recommend finding a place at North Quad. There are some really quite rooms there that very few people take advantage of. Hope this helps!

  3. I work in the library so Hatcher, especially the stacks, is usually the last place I want to study. If I have the money, I enjoy going to coffee shops like Espresso Royale because I work really well if there’s chaos around me but I’m plugged into my iPod. However, as it’s growing colder I’ve found myself being more and more of a homebody. Thankfully, my house isn’t rambunctious because sometimes the only way I can muster up the energy to do homework is if I can be in my pajamas (like right now) with a pot of brewing coffee and stocked fridge nearby.

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