(PIKA!) Why I Love Thanksgiving

I love holidays as a whole, but I must say that Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite. I think this stems from the fact that the whole holiday is based on the foundation of social cohesion. The holiday originates from a story about people of various backgrounds and origins coming together to share a meal, regardless of their differences, and teaching one another so that they could coexist more peacefully. There are no religious connotations and there is no fictionalized characters involved, it is purely a historical account of the beginnings of our nation. As much as I enjoy getting presents, the idea of coming together with family for the purpose of sharing food and spending time with one another is far more inspiring. I celebrate Hanukkah, and I can attest that although the anticipation of ripping open a gift is overwhelming (in a good way), I get even more excited going to watch our annual family football game in anticipation of the turkey and mashed potatoes that are to follow. I know Christmas music is popular, but I like that Thanksgiving has no music associations either, and there is no “right” way to celebrate the day. Each family has their own version of tradition that ensues the third Thursday of November and that is what really makes it magical. Also, while Thanksgiving is a family holiday, it is also an easy holiday to spend with friends or friends of the family if you have no family in the area. Thanksgiving is, like I said before, just about coming together and sharing, which is why I like it best. What is your favorite holiday and why?

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  1. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love Christmas because I love the smell of pine trees. I have a Bath and Body Works pine tree candle that I constantly keep in stock at my apartment because I light them year round. My roommates refuse to allow me to bring a real pine tree into the apartment and decorate it because the hate stepping on pine needles but its a small sacrifice I’m willing to pay. Besides for being obsessed with the smell of pine trees I love Christmas because it is the only time of year I get to see my aunt and uncle who travel frequently. We spend Christmas Eve with them and spend all day catching up. I also love Christmas because I love wrapping presents. I love wrapping paper and choosing patterns that match with bows. I make my parents avoid wrapping presents until I get home from college so I can wrap them all. I also wrap all of my uncles and my grandmothers. This was tricky last year when I got home on December 23rd late at night but it gave me something to look forward to during finals week.

  2. I totally agree with you! My favorite holiday is also Thanksgiving for most of the reasons that you already articulated. I love the chance to see all my family and friends that go to school out of state. Thanksgiving has changed since I have been in college, and I actually think I have grown to appreciate it even more. It comes at a time of year when a break of any kind is much needed, and also when I find that I miss my friends the most. I also celebrate Hanukkah but agree that Thanksgiving is much more meaningful. It is so easy to loose sight of the importance of the holiday when all you are worried about is opening gifts. Plus, I would take leftover Thanksgiving food over presents any day!

  3. My favorite holiday of the winter season is New Year’s Eve. I love the reflection that it entails as one looks back at the past twelve months, in assessing the triumphs and the failures. And as the ball drops and the all experience the final seconds of the year, I feel a thrill. It’s as if this vault is closing and all of the year’s moments are accessible only in memory, suspended permanently in the fluids of one’s mind. But with the farewell comes the hope and potential of a new year. Also, it is the only holiday when my friends actually encourage me to give a toast. Cheers to 2013.

  4. New Year’s Eve is usually depressing for me. My family is always out of state visiting extended family for Christmas during New Year’s, and so I usually can’t spend it with my friends. I either have to skip the trip altogether which means I would miss seeing some of my family for another whole year, or I have to take a sketchy Greyhound bus back by myself (which I did once with interesting results, but that is another story). So I’m usually drinking fake champagne with my grandmother and trying to come up with a list of resolutions I know I won’t keep. Not the best holiday for me. Christmas is my favorite, St. Patrick’s Day is fun at college because you either get to be drunk or watch a bunch of others be very drunk.

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