[Pika!] Write for Her Campus!

If you’re interested in magazine journalism or looking to gain marketing experience during your college career, Her Campus UMich is looking to add writers and marketers to our staff.  Her Campus is an online magazine geared towards college women across the country.  The magazine covers content from beauty & lifestyle to relationship woes and career & internship information.   Since its “birth” in 2009, HC has become a well-respected publication and one of the top magazines for college females!

Her Campus is a great way to gain first-hand editorial experience in the magazine industry and looks fabulous on a resume (especially if you’re interested in pursuing a career in journalism).  I’ve been writing for the HC branch at Michigan since my freshman year, and it’s honestly been a blast.  I was able to pitch my own articles and really find my voice and style in magazine journalism.

The Michigan chapter holds staff meetings each month and team members are very supportive of one another and have formed bonds well beyond just interacting through the publication.  In addition, Her Campus hosts events around campus to increase publicity—we were sponsored to put on a big fashion show at Necto this past October called “College Fashion Week,” which was a huge success!

There are definitely many opportunities to get involved with HC on campus whether you’re interested in journalism or marketing, and I encourage all of you to apply to become staff members for Her Campus.  As Editor-in-Chief of the publication, I’ll be able to answer any questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to email hercampusumich@gmail.com for more information!

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  1. So is this different from the Shei magazine? I have heard of “What the F?” but never of Her Campus. It sounds like an awesome magazine! I will definitely look into this opportunity some more, thanks for sharing!

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