Prezi can be messy

After a brief mono-induced hiatus, I have returned to the blog scene. I barely left my bed last week and I think I watched more TV in that span than I have over the course of the entire year. Fortunately, I think the worst of the mono (and strep throat) is over and I am back to being a semi-functioning person.

I am in the midst of putting together a rough cut of my re-mediation project. I was really intrigued by Prezi when Shelley showed it to us a few weeks ago, so I’ve decided to use the program for my project. The biggest hurdle is deciding what information to extract from my re-purposed Op Ed and into the Prezi. The main idea in my piece is that those who fund congressional elections have a distorted amount of influence on our government. There are a fair amount of figures and numbers involved in the argument, so I will definitely emphasize those through interesting visuals. Aside from having difficulty choosing the content, I am new to Prezi and have encountered my share of struggles in dealing with all of its nuances. I just have to keep playing around with it and maybe watch the tutorials so I have a better understanding of how to get the most out of it. My eventual plan is to export the Prezi into iMovie and have a voiceover to complement the visual presentation. For now though, this is definitely a work in progress and there will be much to improve upon. I am confident, however, that a “shitty first rough cut” can still lead to a great final product.

2 thoughts to “Prezi can be messy”

  1. I wrote about my struggles with Prezi in my blog post two. When a new form of media or tool such as Prezi is introduced, it always takes a while before all users can understand fully what is going on. I have been messing with it a LOT in the last week, and I feel like i’m just starting to fully understand everything to do with the program. I will most likely be exporting my Prezi into iMovie also..that will help it translate better. Good luck with everything! I’m looking forward to viewing your draft.

  2. After reading both yours and Karly’s blog posts, it sounds like Prezi can definitely be a bit of a pain! It must be very frustrating trying to get it to cooperate and perform how you want it to. However, all of your ideas sound fantastic – and I think using a combination of interesting visuals with the statistics and a voice over will work very well for your project. I think the best thing you can do is probably keep playing around with the program as much as you can and eventually your project will fall into place. From what I have seen in class already it looks great! And like you said, the shitty first draft doesn’t have to be perfect. I Can’t wait to see the final product, good luck!

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