Remediation of a Narrative

For this upcoming project, I have decided to remediate a narrative essay I wrote my senior year of high school, entitled “Count Down To Crash”. This essay was a minute by minute account of my first (and only) car crash. Although it was meant to be a narrative, I also made it persuasive in nature by discussing the importance of wearing a seatbelt at the conclusion of the essay. In order to make this a more detailed account, and also to make it more dramatic and persuasive, I would like to make a video. This video, for now, would be a collection of photos both from the actual crash and other car crashes similar to my own. While the photos are displaying, I would narrate my essay in the background (read it out loud, and possibly improve some parts to make it more effective). I would also like to pick a song to be in the background as well. If this goes well, I may further imporve it by turning it into something more similar to a public service announcement, with higher emphasis on the importance of wearing a seat belt, and less time on the actual description of my personal event. If time allows, I would also like to add video in eventually (but I’m not quite sure what that would look like yet). If anybody knows how to record your voice with music in the background and add it to a video, that would be awesome, I could really use the help!


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  1. Wow this essay sounds so powerful. I think your idea about the video essay would really take it to the next level and make it even more emotional (if that is even possible). I think a video like this does have the potential to become a public service announcement, especially for students on campus. I think seeing a video featuring someone our own age would really hit home and make people think twice about wearing a seatbelt. I wish I could help you out with the singing part by my voice is terrible! Good luck.

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