Storyboard: “His Name is Neil.”

(I’ve once again put my writing self out there and experimented with a foreign form of pre-writing: storyboarding. Because of the nature of my argument, I would not necessarily benefit from mapping out my re-mediation frame-by-frame. I’ve instead tried to use the exercise to write out my vision and purpose for the project in words, hoping to find some sort of clarity (and frankly confidence) as we move to our rough cuts. Hold your judgments… I’m a storyboardin’ rookie.)

Author’s Note (Re-Mediation Storyboard: “His Name is Neil”)

I believe that I have changed my medium six or so times for this re-mediation project of the course. I just feel like I’m continually unhappy with my ideas or find myself not to being able to execute the argument in the way that I want. Frustration is an understatement. After tirelessly trying (and failing) to get in contact with the actual man that I am profiling, I think I’ve decided to display my same argument to my same audience of relatively affluent, influential, middle-aged, motivated citizens of London. I envision this visual display published by Telegraph Media Group to be placed in the Westfield London Shopping Center – Europe’s largest urban shopping mall with international brands, a fresh food court, etc. I think that I can show the person and unsung hero that is Neil in the London borough that he works to improve every day. My concerns moving forward revolve around the effectiveness of the argument in this form and whether or not it is consistent with my overarching purpose.

One thought to “Storyboard: “His Name is Neil.””

  1. Whoa, this is such an awesome Storyboard! I kid you not, I spent about 2 hours yesterday creating a storyboard with colors, pictures, where music cuts and fades etc. etc. I’ll have to show it to you on Tuesday. It’s a time consuming process! I’m envisioning an awesome ad for Neil. I’m sure you’ll be able to create something awesome and I’m excited to see what you create.

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