Writing and Food

Now that I have finally had a few minutes to sit down and really think about my E-Portfolio, I think I have come up with my theme….Food.  One way or another, everything in my life always seems to come back to food or cooking.  Since my Re-Mediation project has to do with food anyway, it seemed appropriate to continue the theme over into my E-portfolio.

I have always had a passion for food, and I think it is the most natural fit to use as a metaphor for both my life and my writing style.  I had never really considered it before, but writing and cooking are really very similar.  I began to storyboard the basic structure of my website using the process of cooking (and all the preparation that goes into it) as a metaphor for my writing process.  I am very excited to finally be working on the website and getting to explore many different creative ideas.

One challenge I am already encountering, though, is the heavy amount self-reflection that this assignment requires.  This class has really opened me up to self-reflection as a helpful writing technique, but I think I under-estimated how difficult it would be to go back and really self-reflect on every aspect of my writing process and my journey as a writer personally!  Maybe if I just keep blogging something useful will come out of it….

Good luck everyone!


3 thoughts to “Writing and Food”

  1. This sounds so creative and great!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I love the idea of the metaphor between the process of cooking and your writing process. You could lay it out like a recipe and maybe even lay out your various pieces of writing as ingredients! Good luck on everything

  2. This is a really interesting idea and there are a lot of different approaches you can take to this. I never noticed it before either, but now I see the parallels between cooking and writing. In writing you have shitty first drafts, and in cooking you have shitty first batches. In both disciplines, you have to keep editing, revising and reworking your piece until you can have an acceptable final version. Also in both writing and cooking, in some cases, it is good to follow a recipe, but other times, you might just want to follow your gut instinct. I think this would be an interesting way to parallel the two. You could also design the entire ePortfolio page by relating it to food and cooking somehow. Writing and cooking are both reflective in so many ways. This is a really great idea and it has a lot of potential.

  3. I think your analogy between food and writing will be great for the e-port! Like you said, the preparation is very similar when completing either task.
    In terms of your reflection, I would approach it in the same way you approach food! When you make something delicious, most of your reflection comes during the consumption of the food. And regardless if you spent a lot of time or not, regardless if you thought it was your best or worst effort, your taste buds will tell you if the food is good or not. I encourage you to read your finished work in a similar manor. Forget all the time you spent on preparing the piece and read it for what it is worth.
    Then you can look back through your preparation phases and reflect on why you wrote in such a way.
    I think reflecting on food is an easy task for you. Do your best to simulate that reflection process for your writing!

    Can’t wait to see your e-port! (Just lemme know which day you’re presenting so I can be sure to be full so it is not a torture presentation)

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