Done for Now

After an extensive editing process in frustratingly slow Internet throughout this weekend, I am finished with my e-port! Throughout this week after receiving the peer reviews, I focused on making sure I added descriptions to each page and reflection on why I chose the papers and headers I chose to include. I also completed my new media writing piece and my final podcast for my remediation piece, which I then uploaded to complete the requirements of the e-port.  Adding a podcast to wordpress was initially a huge struggle because I could not directly upload the mp3 file, but I then decided to look back on older e-ports and learned how they uploaded podcasts. Using a site called Soundcloud, I was able to upload my podcast and then post a direct link to wordpress, which I was excited worked. I also added to my re-purposing page my reflective step-by-step writing process for the re-purposing and remediation projects, found under as the main link on the repurposing page.

After completing all the projects, pages, and writing I wanted to include in my e-port, I then focused on making sure all the overall aesthetics and base navigation worked for what I wanted in my e-portfolio. I wanted my e-portfolio to be both creative and professional, but ultimately a reflection of myself through my writing. I wanted a common theme to be finding a sense of identity through writing, and an element of discovery about who I am through my writing interests.  Ultimately I am relieved to be done but after learning so much about working with word press, blogging, and reflective writing, I am excited to continue working with this e-portfolio in the future in the capstone course. Feel free to check out my e-port here! Thanks to everyone for a great semester!

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