E-Portfolio – Check it out!

For my E-Portfolio I have attempted to display a variety of my works in different fields while also keeping it at a professional level. I have included my resume, some policy paper samples from my experience so far at the Ford School; my SWC 220 project of an original op-ed, a repurposed to a letter to President Obama, and a remediated video clip; an example (why I write essay) of my writing process by including my sketch draft, rough draft and final version; and my reflection on the significance and value from the style of new media writing. Creating this E-Portfolio has definitely been challenging (especially with understanding this technology), but it also has been very rewarding. I can now display my writing online and allow the reader to navigate themselves through the variety of works I have provided. I hope this E-Portfolio will enable future employers and interested readers to learn about my style and process of writing in a more engaging and fun environment.


Below is the hyperlink to my E-Portfolio. I hope you enjoy!



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