Finals Stress

With finals in their peak I figured this article from The Daily Collegian could help a lot of people out!!

I found this article really helpful, and turns out I actually do a lot of these things already. For me, exercising is the best way to relieve stress and boost my energy during a really stressful time, which is exactly what the article said. I think a lot of people overestimate how much time they will need to spend studying, and in reality, there’s ALWAYS time to take a 20 minute run to relieve some stress. There’s no way you can study for 24 hours straight and actually remember ANYTHING.

One thing they didn’t mention in this article was studying to classical music and studying in 20 minute increments. Freshman year, this was probably the best advice I got for finals stress. Now, every time I have a big exam to study for, I youtube “study relaxation music” and hundreds of videos pop up with classical music that help you study! They’re usually pretty long too which is cool ­čÖé Its been proven that classical background music helps you retain more information, so instead of putting your itunes on shuffle, try that and see if it helps you! Also, make sure to study in increments, ┬ábecause studys have also shown that people who frequently take breaks are more productive, retain more information, and are actually less stressed out! Cool, right??

Anyways, hope this helps, and remember, we’re just a week away from break so KEEP WORKING & DOMINATE FINALS!

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  1. This is really helpful!! I find compartmentalizing my life down to tiny tasks helps a lot. That way I feel like I’m constantly accomplishing things and that keeps my energy up. This may seem a little silly but freshmen year I wrote a “confidence” letter to myself in the back of my planner and I still have it. It has a list of things that I know keeps me healthy and relaxed like playing guitar, drinking tea, sleeping, etc. I also wrote a list of things I can do when feeling stressed like making to do lists, thinking of things I know I will enjoy doing while taking study breaks and other ways to do stress management. I know it sounds weird writing to yourself but for me it really helps me pause and not get overwhelmed this time of year.

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