how i do not write

It is that time of the semester when I despise writing. Unfortunately there is still much to be done. I no longer wish to hold a pen, pencil, or type but I am forced to in order to get grades.  After a few short weeks it will be back to the grind. More writing and more grades. Then on to grad school or a job, both require writing.  All that is left to look forward to is retirement, which does involve a bit of writing. Writing checks for the grandkids and signing birthday cards. I can handle that.



3 thoughts to “how i do not write”

  1. Hi Matt, funny post! Hopefully, you’ll start to enjoy writing again before you become a grandfather though. 🙂

    Try writing to a friend about something you love. For example, write a blog post about who you think will win the Outback Bowl. It’ll help.

    Good luck with finals.

  2. I know what you mean, I have been blowing up this Minor blog and my dummy blog and even thought I am not holding a pencil the thought of producing more words makes me want to barf. It’s like my internet voice is hoarse.

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