Interview with an aspiring poet

Since I wasn’t able to make the two “How I Write” sessions during the semester, I’ve been instructed to instead profile writers of my own choosing. The first interview I selected featured a 20th-century literary giant. But as even G.K. Chesterton started out relatively unknown,¬†I turn my attention now to a much lesser-known, but certainly¬†upcoming, figure who is an aspiring poet. It just so happens that this person is also my friend, Tony Zick. Last semester, Tony was interviewed by another friend of mine for the English 230: Modern Catholic Writers course blog.

You can read the whole interview here. I especially enjoyed the part about his “aha!” moment in elementary school and how he likes to incorporate “outlandish scenarios” into his prose. I should also note that Tony was recently featured by for his work, which is impressive to say the least. Might this be the next G.K. Chesterton? Perhaps I’d better get his autograph now just in case…

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