New Media Writing

Critics of “new media” may argue that this technology has taken away from the authenticity of writing and some will even insist that “new media” should not be considered a style of writing. I along with others disagree with these views. For me, writing provides me the ability to express myself and argue on behalf of my findings and beliefs. Regardless of the form it takes, writing is about communicating, persuading and articulating a particular voice or opinion.


Compared to writing in “traditional “ alphabetic forms, the novelty of “new media” has opened up many new avenues to enhance the art of writing. Not only has it created another style of writing, but it has also offered the opportunity to express and argue in a more persuasive manner. For me, I value this ability to be able to more effectively express my voice from “new media” the most.

I found this new style of writing and communication to be particularly beneficial when I chose to create a podcast on the addiction of gambling. For this project, I interviewed a fellow peer who did not believe in the addictions and risks behind gambling. My goal was to argue against his views and question his stance. By utilizing “new media”, I was able to incorporate my own voice, my peer’s voice, music, and sound effects. I elongated specific sounds, faded out the volume at certain parts and also learned to capture the advantages of an effective pause. This technology has enabled me to take my traditional my writing to a whole new level where expression, opinions and arguments can be conveyed in a much more compelling way. With “new media” I am now capable of capturing the realities of a story, which I think ultimately makes my arguments more practical and believable.


In my re-mediation project about drawing public a red line against Iran’s nuclear program, I found myself once again more freely and easily expressing my voice through this advanced technology. Unlike my podcast, I chose to incorporate visual aids to enhance my argument. Through the utilization of video clips of news reports and political speeches I could literally show the audience my thoughts. Additionally, by breaking up the video clips with slides that offered further analysis and posed significant questions I was able to successfully provide my insights and arguments in a persuasive manner.


Through my experiences in the Minor in Writing Gateway course, I have learned to value and utilize the “new media” style to write in a more effective and engaging style.  Traditional writing can only go as far as the chosen diction and structure of the words. Yet, I have learned that this new advanced technology can enable me to go further. I can focus in on more specific points and I certainly can now more easily establish a relationship with my readers and audience as I continue to write in this new style. Traditional writing will always be an important means of communicating, but sometimes incorporating elements of “new media” may offer new and more opportunities to achieve the intended goals of the author.

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  1. Brandon,

    I completely agree with you. I too feel that new media allows me to express myself in an innovative way. The “novelty” of new media as you mention, has afforded people like us with newfound opportunities both inside and outside the realm of writing. It’s exciting to know that writing via outlets such as the virtual world puts each and every one of us on a level platform. While yes, traditional writing will always be important, we should really take advantage of the seemingly infinite doors this new medium has to offer.

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