[Pika!] Best Memory From Class

In honor of our last wonderful day in class with Ray, I want to know what some of your favorite memories are from class. Perhaps it was when Ray talked about his hilarious delinquent past or a question he posed to us that produced some silly answers. Or maybe you want to take a more serious approach and think about ways this class made you a better writer, thinker, and listener. Let me know your thoughts!  p.s. I really enjoyed getting to know you all this semester! 🙂

One thought to “[Pika!] Best Memory From Class”

  1. My favorite memory might be the story Ray told about his friend taking over the state capitol building. Also I love the story of how he and his ex-wife first met, that might be the best how-we-met story I have ever heard. EVER. And I heard so many good stories from everyone else in the class too, it was really great to get to know everyone!

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