(PIKA!) Camp Kesem

While there are many philanthropic clubs and worthy causes on University of Michigan’s campus, one that truly stands out in my opinion is Camp Kesem. This organization breaks boundaries of race, social or economic status, and religion to bring together roughly one hundred children for one week of fun, games, and friendship.

These children, while they stand strong on the outside, have all been affected in some form by cancer, whether it is their mothers, fathers, sisters, or brothers who suffer from the illness. As one may expect, watching a loved one fight the battle against cancer is trying and by no means pleasant. Camp Kesem offers an outlet, a summer haven in which these kids can bond with others in similar situations and give themselves time to heal.

There are approximately fifty counselors, all passionate about the services Camp Kesem provides. They receive the opportunity not only to work with children but also to develop leadership skills as well as experience working with a team. Additionally, for those who are interested in getting involved prior to college, Camp Kesem offers a Counselor in Training program in which they learn what the counselor position entails and get involved in fundraisers and events throughout the year.

Camp Kesem is all over the web. The Michigan chapter has a Facebook, twitter, and website, all with information and content regarding the nature and goals of the organization. The website additionally offers links to various institutions and support centers for those facing cancer in some form of their life, personally or through a loved one. The website also just recently announced that the theme for this summer’s camp will be “Out of This World”, a decision made by votes and feedback of past and future campers.

I have many friends involved in it and they love it. Are there any philanthropy groups at Michigan you are involved in?


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