[Pika!] Celebrating My First Book Reading

Hello all,

As I’m sure all of you know, our beloved teacher Ray held a reading for his upcoming book, Special Powers and Abilities at the Vault of Midnight last night.  It turned into a great night for those of us who went. We were able to get together outside of class and reflect on the Gateway Course (which we agreed was a great class for all of us this semester!) in addition to listening to Ray in his natural element.

While I could go on about the class itself, I thought I’d just write about the book reading itself.  I’d never been to one before and I admit I had no idea what to expect.  Although most book readings are probably not held in the basement of comic book stores, it created a very informal and fun atmosphere.  There were more people there than I expected, an eclectic mix of students, teachers, and random people who all seemed to know Ray one way or the other.  And, as one who admittedly is not a huge fan of poetry, even I could appreciate the depth to poems written about super heroes.  I just wish I knew more about the The Legion of Super-Heroes so that I could better understand the characters/poems! Otherwise, it was a great night and something I’m glad I went to.  Does anybody have any other comments about their experience last night or experiences from other book readings they’ve been to?


P.S. Thanks for a great semester everyone!

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