[Pika!] Coffee Shop Chatter >=O

I know this has been brought up in class before but does anybody else get seriously annoyed with people talking in coffee shops? I’m sitting in Biggby right now by E. Liberty trying to write my Soc paper (in all honest more like trying to motivate myself to start writing my paper) and it is so loud. Everyone is talking. EVERYONE. I just want to sit here and drink my large black and tan coffee and crank out this paper. But I can’t because everyone is engaged in really good conversation and even when I try to stop-eavesdropping I fail. I understand that Biggby isn’t the library and they have every right in the world to be as loud as they want to be and it’s silly for me to be so upset and still not leave but still. Does anyone else get annoyed when they are trying to study at a coffee shop and can’t because people are talking? I can’t be the only one……right??




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  1. Haha, sorry to hear about that. I don’t get annoyed in coffee shops because I expect people to talk there but I get very frustrated when people talk in silent libraries. I’m the type of person who does my best studying in silence so when people are loud, I get very distracted. It’s interesting though that noise doesn’t bother me when I’m writing but I can’t study finance/math when there’s a lot of noise. I guess that’s just my personal preference. Good luck finding a quiet place to study for final exams!

  2. I can totally see where you are coming from but sometimes I actually enjoy a little chatter in the background. When I am doing work that doesn’t require serious deep thought, it is sometimes nice to not sit in complete silence. However, if I was writing a paper like you were I would not be able to stand it! Take your coffee to go next time 🙂

  3. Yeah I usually go to places where the conversation is constant and boring if I want to work with white noise in the background. If I want silence I usually work at home in my room, if I go somewhere to study it is because I want some background noise that won’t distract me. Or because I was sexiled.

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