(Pika!) Finishing Up Your Final Projects

As the due date is nearing, I have started to worry about every last detail of my blog site and my final formal assignments.  Does anybody have any advice that they want to share about how they managed to get everything done, or what they still have to do?  I have found that if I just sit down and decide to get a bunch of stuff done and make substantial progress on editing my “Big Three,” then I find myself not wanting to stop.  Hope everyone is getting to where they want to be! Let me know if you want/need some extra eyes for editing purposes or just some encouragement!

4 thoughts to “(Pika!) Finishing Up Your Final Projects”

  1. I’ll take some encouragement!!

    But really, as far as strategy/advice, my best plan right now is “you can sleep later.” I don’t have a *ton* left, but studying for other finals (which just finally ended yesterday) took up way more time than expected, so I’m not where I want to be. I need to really kick it into high-gear and finish things up and the best way to do that is by sleeping less 😛

  2. Yeah I am done with all of my other classes except for this class. Mitchell has good advice about putting off sleep, that’s what my motto is right now too. Quick question: when exactly is everything due? Is it tomorrow at midnight? So like 11:59 Thursday evening?

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