[Pika!] Free Speech

So I’ve been recently hearing more about people who are anti-vaccine and the ways that this is making kids more and more sick. It seems unfair that people can put things out there that misinform people, which then leads them to not get their kids vaccinated. The parent gets to make the decision for the child, a decision that in cases is a deadly one and also endangers other kids. It seems like people shouldn’t be allowed to publish articles about false scientific claims that put people in danger. But is publishing such articles protected under free speech? This issue can be expanded to include all kinds of pseudoscience that is accepted as truth by many people, with occasionally fatal results. For example, one of my mom’s high school friends has advanced cancer but is refusing all medical treatment and counting on alternative therapies to heal her. I know that it is her right to choose her treatment, but there is so much misinformation that is fueling her decision. She once posted a video on facebook titled “Cancer doesn’t kill, traditional treatments do!”

Should there be governmental restrictions on the publication of pseudoscience that endangers lives? Or would that be a slippery slope towards censorship?

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