[Pika!] People Watching

People Watching has become one of my all-time favorite hobbies (seriously), and on Michigan’s campus, with thousands of undergrads walking around Ann Arbor daily, the people watching is never in short supply.  It’s so interesting and entertaining to see how people interact with one another and present themselves in the public eye.  I know I’ve witnessed some very amusing situations when sitting in the Union, working in the Dining Hall, or just walking down State Street.  I’m curious if anyone has any prime people watching spots on campus or any funny stories to share from their people watching escapades!

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  1. I love people watching too! My boyfriend makes fun of me all of the time for it, but I really enjoy watching people interact. People are so strange and do the most interesting things. It’s amazing the things you see people doing when you open your eyes and look around. For a few years, I worked at a state park concession stand on the beach, and when people weren’t in the store, I would look out the front windows and see the strangest campers/beach goers. One man will always stand out. While looking out the window, I noticed this larger, middle-aged man with a Walkman dancing down the sidewalk in front of the store. Watching this grown man prance around was one of the most entertaining things I have ever experienced. After I pointed him out to my co-workers, we were all cracking up, but I was so impressed too. He didn’t care at all about what other people were thinking. He looked like he was having a great time too. He ended up coming into the store later that day with his wife and kids, and it was really interesting to get to know them too. Apparently, he does this everyday for exercise, but he claimed to have grown quite popular after dancing around while on a cruise they took earlier that year. He told us that people called him the “Fairy Dancer” and that he had a youtube video. Unfortunately, I was never able to find the video, or I would have posted it for you all to see. Anyway, that was a great people watching day!

  2. Wait, this is going to sound really weird, but I totally did a dummy blog post on this like two days ago! The only difference was that I approached it in a much more judgmental way haha. I took it from the perspective of “what were they thinking.” I know, I know, I’m terrible, but whatever, they left the house looking like that! 😛

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